Polar Bear Socks

Keep your feet warm with the newest addition to our Gift Center – fun and fashionable socks featuring one of everyone’s favorite species: polar bears!

Your purchase supports our work to protect the fragile Arctic ecosystem by fighting climate change through vital research and policy work, advocating a ban on all drilling in the region, and pushing for polar bears to gain the full protection they deserve under the Endangered Species Act.

Polar bears, found only in the Arctic, are actually classified as marine mammals because of their dependence on sea ice for survival. They are excellent swimmers and their thick fur and blubber make them uniquely suited for life on the Arctic sea ice. Polar bears play a crucial ecosystem role because the remains left behind from their meals provide food for other Arctic wildlife species. Climate change is the main threat to polar bears because they are so reliant on sea ice for hunting and reaching denning sites. Scientists predict that without urgent action, polar bear populations could decline by as much as one-third by mid-century due to disappearing Arctic sea ice and possibly by as much as 50 percent by 2050. Another growing concern is the renewed and growing interest in oil and gas development in the Arctic region which threatens the area with the potential of spills.