School and Large Adoption Orders

Defenders of Wildlife is happy to provide schools, companies, nonprofits and other organizations discounts for large orders through our popular Wildlife Adoption & Gift Center.

For example, Defenders has partnered with student organizations, classrooms and schools who have offered adoptions to their fellow students, teachers, staff and friends. These partnerships have:

  • Delighted students and student organizations who have made a difference in saving wildlife and received recognition through articles and pictures in local and major market newspapers.
  • Educated students, parents, staff and friends about the human threats facing our endangered wildlife and the habitat it needs to survive.
  • Resulted in substantial discounts on adoption orders.
  • Generated caring donations to Defenders of Wildlife which have been immediately put to the best use to save our imperiled wild animals for future generations to enjoy.

If you are interested in making a large adoption order or partnering with us, please email us at:

Thank you! We're excited to work with you to save our wild animals and wild lands!