Sea Turtle Socks


Keep your feet warm with our fun and fashionable socks featuring one of everyone’s favorite species: sea turtles! These unisex tube socks are made with organic cotton and fit sizes 5-10.

Your purchase supports our work to protect vital coastal nesting habitat, educate coastal homeowners about their impacts, and work in the courts to defend and enforce the laws that protect sea turtles.

Sea turtles have been swimming our oceans for millions of years with streamlined shells and they play essential roles in marine and coastal ecosystems. Yet all six species of sea turtles found in North American waters are endangered. About 1 in 1,000 baby sea turtles will make it to adulthood. They are a source of food for crabs, birds, and other marine animals, but the biggest threats are human-caused.

The biggest threats to sea turtles by far are human related. Oil spills, habitat loss due to development, entanglement in marine debris such as plastic bags, and even the theft of eggs are major concerns for the future of these species. Exposure to oil can cause skin loss, poisoning, drowning, and death. Artificial lighting coming from beach communities confuses turtles who follow the reflections of the moon and stars on the waves to guide them back to water, making them more vulnerable to predators, dehydration, and vehicle strikes. In some countries, turtle shells are traded on the black market and turtles and their eggs are harvested for food. Climate change is also a growing concern since the temperature of the sand determine the sexes of the baby turtles - warmer sand means a change in the ratio of males to females.