Wildlife Socks

UPDATE: Sorry, our polar bear AND wolf socks are now sold out. We will be selling a variety of socks for our key species very soon so be sure to check back!

Keep your feet warm with the newest addition to our Gift Center – fun and fashionable socks featuring two of everyone’s favorite species: wolves and polar bears!

Wolf and polar bear socks are one size fits all. All donations support our work to protect and restore the wildlife and wild places you care about.
Gray wolves were once common throughout all of North America but were exterminated in most areas of the United States by the mid-1930s. Today, wolves are beginning to recover, but still suffer losses from long-standing persecution by humans.

Polar bears are dependent on sea ice for hunting and for reaching denning sites, but without urgent action, polar bear populations could decline by as much as one-third by mid-century due to climate change-caused loss of sea ice. Growing interest in oil and gas development could threaten polar bear habitat with disturbance and potential spills.